You can rent various types of wedding chairs for your ceremony and reception

2021-11-05 03:27:39 By : Mr. Victor Choi

Photos courtesy of PAULINA WEDDINGS, rental courtesy of Be Lounge, floral design courtesy of Arrosoir de Margaux

After looking at thousands of real wedding photos every day, we came to a conclusion: your chair is important. Of course, the type of chair you choose — whether to use it in the venue or rent your own chair — depends on the style of the wedding, the aesthetic of the venue, and of course your budget.

Yes, it costs money to rent a chair, but if you can adjust it within your budget, the investment is very worthwhile. In fact, we think this is very important and you can save it elsewhere if needed. That's right, the upgrade of plastic folding chairs can make the world completely different (or, ahem, a photo).

But the next question is where do you get these chairs? Of course, it depends on the atmosphere you are looking for and your location.

Ask your planner, venue coordinator, and even friends who have recently married, which rental companies they would recommend in the area.

Earlier, we have compiled the most commonly used styles to help you understand this wedding chair encyclopedia, but be aware that these names may vary from supplier to supplier. So bookmark it and take it to your next appointment.

Read on to draw inspiration from real wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Photography: Jami Laree Jeskey; prepare party plans as planned

Chances are, you have seen these beautiful acrylic chairs before. They are very popular nowadays-in weddings and home decorations-and it is easy to understand why. These seats add a modern feel to any space while also blending with the surrounding environment. For example: the transparent chair makes the plant decoration stand out.

Okay, we just want to say: We like these chairs for a destination wedding somewhere in the tropics. However, as this photo proves, bamboo folding chairs can be used in various places—such as this poolside tent—because they can add a natural element to any table.

Photo by Paula G. Furio; planning by Macarena Gea; flowers by La Tartana

You will find all kinds of names for this chair, but we like any way, shape or form of it. There is no denying that it has something unique-almost like, yes, you are sitting in a bistro in Paris!

Photo by Rebecca Yale; curated by Rose Ahn Events; rentals by Broadway Party Rentals; flowers designed by Ahn

Metal chairs can add the perfect industrial touch to any wedding, whether you are getting married in a warehouse or a garden. The trunk in the middle means it is easy to put a logo or a bunch of flowers, as shown in the picture.

Photograph by Jose Villa; Firefly Event Planning; The Ark, Taylor Creative, Classic Party Rentals, La Tavola, Found Rentals

These seats come in many colors (white, brown, you can name it), but this black style makes this wedding banquet possible. We think this style is simple enough to not take it off the table, but, man, does it explain the problem.

Photo by Shannon von Eschen

These leather chairs are perfect for holding celebrations in Bohemian and Western styles. However, we must pay attention: they work best in lounge settings because they are wider than ordinary chiavari chairs.

Whether you are in a chic urban space like the Rainbow Room or in a classic tent like this, this little beauty can be used in various environments. So yes, this chair style is very versatile, but we think it adds a touch of modern sophistication in any situation (or space!).

Photo by Keller Sauer; design and styling of the 12th Table

If you are looking for an unexpected chair style, then you have found it. This chair will be the next big thing-we know why. It looks stylish and clean, and your guests will love a curved back (comfortable!).

Who said these must belong to the ballroom? This is one of the most widely used chair styles (usually in gold), but we think it can still be used in unexpected ways, such as on this beach in Mexico.

Hello, rest area! The clean geometric lines of this style make it a perfect complement to any medieval style bash. In addition, it has a variety of colors, so it can be easily integrated into natural landscapes or bright color palettes.

Photography by Jennifer Lindbergh; Gypsy Flower

This is another style that is guaranteed to add freshness to any celebration. We especially like its slender frame, gold and slender waterfall skirt, so you can squeeze at the head table as many friends as you want (within a reasonable range).

This style is making a comeback! They said that this design may have originated in East Asia, where it was kept as the throne of the royal family. Since you are a royal on the wedding day, we think this is the perfect complement to the sweetheart table or lounge area!

Photography by Kay Helinga

Hello, copper lovers! We found a chair for you. This style cannot be beaten. In addition, we must pay attention to how this hue is mixed with golden tones to create metallic perfection.

Photo taken by Lucas and Co.

Another modern style of this victory. We like this sleek line! Seriously, how great does it look to arrange these lines in a symmetrical row?

These chairs may be simple, but they can still be perfect, especially when used in a beach environment. We like how the couple used colorful flower arrangements to emphasize the lines.

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