13 dream dressers for your new makeover

2021-11-05 04:00:54 By : Ms. Emily lin

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A great makeup table-like the perfect eyebrow pencil-is a must-have for looking stylish. When decorating your home, experts such as Lauren Lauyendyk recommend a combination of comfort, practicality and gorgeousness-we know that a dressing table with drawer options is an indispensable tool.

When looking for a dressing table, you must first find a style and space that suits you! The list includes dressing tables of various shapes and sizes. Mix and match chairs and lights to create the ideal layout for your room. A luminous mirror can be more charming, and a dressing table with drawers provides ample storage space for cosmetics, jewelry and even clothes. Browse this list for the best makeup and dressing table ideas to find the makeup that suits you best.

This lighted white dressing table is sweet and simple, making it the first choice for any space. Its smooth lines create a modern feel. The bright white paint and 12 LED lights are a beautiful combination to help you create the best makeup look every day. The soft, charming light makes it easy to apply makeup in the high-definition mercury mirror.

The Titoni dressing table set with illuminated mirror has a spacious top, giving you enough space to display perfume, nail polish and other essentials. In addition, the drawer has two compartments to store all your favorite cosmetics and accessories. The padded stool is not only comfortable, but also has a reversible top to provide more storage space. Its legs are made of pine wood and have soft curved edges. The overall design is very attractive in any indoor environment.

The padded stool is comfortable and has elegant carvings to match the intricate design of the dressing table. However, this dressing table is high enough if you want to replace it with a different seat style, such as a swivel chair. It is almost ready to use: just add the mirror and legs! Safety features such as rubber legs, seat belts and child safety table corners complement this beautifully durable furniture.

This modern dressing table made of retro wood will become a manifesto for your home renovation. You can choose between rustic or black finishes. Natural wood grain adds a beautiful texture to any space. Its 10 multifunctional LED bulbs are available in 2 different colors to create the best light. The built-in shelf is perfect for displaying jewelry, photos, books, artwork or perfume. 

Another important feature of this dressing table is the spacious cabinet, which can store your nail polish, cosmetic bag and beauty tools. A convenient drawer can also help you store all your favorite cosmetics in a higher position, with a delicate silver handle. The stool is cushioned to make you feel more comfortable, and the finish complements the dressing table. 

This affordable corner dresser has the same timeless style as other models, but at a more affordable price. Its central tri-folding mirror allows you to easily appreciate your profile and check your makeup from multiple angles. There is a necklace hook on the back of the dressing table, which can easily hang all your essentials in one place, while five drawers provide you with plenty of storage space. Thanks to the non-slip function on each vanity foot, you don't have to worry about floor scratches. As a bonus, it is equipped with a detachable mirror that allows you to quickly transform it from a dressing table into a desk-ideal for using small spaces.

Choose white, dark brown or black finishes with environmentally friendly paint and let this dressing table change your room!

This elegant dressing table has an additional benefit, which is a removable jewelry box built into one of the shelves. The other main feature is the large removable high-definition square mirror that can instantly illuminate any space-its LED light can be easily inserted directly into the wall! Choose from black or white lacquered wood finishes to suit the look of your room.

Shelves also increase the storage space for accessories, photo frames or perfume bottles. The two built-in drawers have a silent shut-off function while keeping your room tidy and providing you with maximum organization. The spacious dressing table provides plenty of space, and the dressing table is equipped with a matching stool and a comfortable top hat, so you can start using it right away.

This multifunctional dressing table has many thoughtful details that make it a must-have. The stylish small room makes the dressing table low-key and sturdy. The three-way mirror is adjustable to help you view your personal information from all angles. There are two rows of strong wires on the back of the mirror, you can hang necklaces, bracelets, and even wallets. An additional feature is on the side with a wire basket that can store hair dryers, lotions or other beauty essentials.

The combination of rustic wood and finished black metal is modern and chic. This multifunctional dressing table includes three drawers with black handles for storing products and a black padded stool. It will become your all-in-one beauty station!

For the ultimate organization-friendly dressing table, this option has everything you need. Two drawers and easy-to-access countertop storage space with partitions keep all your favorite cosmetics in order. If you want your makeup collection to look as fresh and perfect as your makeup application, this dressing table can help you get the right makeup look. Fashionistas will like the choice of three aesthetic colors: white, black or pink. 

When you are not showing off, you can read a book or do some work. The flip mirror turns the dressing table into a writing desk to save space in the dormitory or studio and acts as a storage space converter. It also has built-in lighting, so you can capture all the details while putting on makeup. The attached stool complements the desk perfectly.

The soft and elegant oval frame in this dressing table set will make anyone feel like a princess. Sweeping the curved piece of wood supports the mirror, so it seems to be floating in the air. It adjusts its angle so that you can customize it while applying makeup. There are a total of six super feminine paints to choose from, so you can choose the color you like. 

The dressing table with drawers includes a stool. It completes the dressing table with soft cushions and upholstered seats. The hooks on both sides of the mirror can hang necklaces or bags. Store all your tools and products in three storage drawers, and display your perfume bottles on the table.

The USIKEY large dressing table set with 10 bulbs features movie star lighting to help enhance your natural beauty. Its star function is included in all custom lighting options, which is perfect for taking selfies after finishing your hair. There are 2 different colors and 4 brightness options for the lighting settings and the attached bulbs. They frame the large mirror so you can get a full-frame view. Any makeup enthusiast will appreciate the large storage capacity of this dressing table.

In short, it has two large drawers and two large shelves, which provides plenty of possibilities for customizing your dressing table. As a bonus, the detachable top converts the unit into a writing desk. A stool of the right height is cushioned. Choose from three finishes: white, rustic wood or black.

The LUOWAN dressing table set is a pleasant combination of materials and shapes to create an extremely low-key modern dressing table. The black wire legs on the dressing table and stool, the black handles and the black wire frame on the mirror complement the white paint on the wood. The perfect round mirror is designed with LED lights. For makeup or hair, you can choose from 3 light colors to get the most charming look.

The lighting ranges from warm light to daylight or cold light, and there are dimming modes. In addition, the mirror can be rotated 360 degrees. It also has four large drawers that can hold all the latest and greatest skin care, cosmetics and beauty tools. You can also store items or decorations in the shelf space. The included cosmetic tray simplifies organizing work. The attached stool matches the dressing table and has cushions.

This dressing table has an Art Deco style and a beautiful mirror, everyone will be intoxicated. For convenience, its LED frame round square mirror can be changed between three brightness levels. The mirror also rotates, so you can always capture the perfect angle. 

You can easily reuse this dressing table as a writing desk to maximize the use of space-perfect for dormitories or studio apartments! It has two built-in storage drawers and six compartments for ultimate storage and organization, and is equipped with an upholstered stool that matches the cool gray and white theme.

The combination of "dressing table and small dressing table" is a space-saving solution that any fashionable woman needs in life. Six streamlined drawers are flush with the main body of the dressing table, providing space for clothing and all makeup essentials. The dressing table is oversized, with plenty of room at the top and leg room. There is also a large mirror, upgrading to this dressing table dressing table will have a significant impact on your beauty procedures.

The sturdy structure and sturdy construction means that this furniture is a major investment for your lighting station. Its detachable mirror allows you to customize it with different mirrors or use it as a dressing table, and you can use any chair to complement the large mirror.

The Bobknoa dressing table shines in every room with its elegant metal finish-did you know that the use of metallic colors as neutral colors is a growing theme in interior design? Its sleek design uses folding mirrors to achieve a perfect balance of form and function. There is an extra-long drawer in the middle, with two smaller drawers and two larger drawers, which can handle various sizes of accessories.

The silver paint complements the antique brass handle and birch wood design. It is also equipped with a matching stool with luxurious fabric upholstery to keep you comfortable during the daily beauty process. 

When it comes to your daily makeup or preparing to go out, using a dressing table will change the rules of the game. Finding the right location depends on the available space in your room, your storage needs and your personal style. Whether you want dark wood or light colors, whether you need lighting or not, there is a makeup mirror that suits you and your budget!

Life & Style has affiliate partnerships, so we may be compensated for links to certain products and services.

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